How to Vote
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02/22/18 Qualcomm Board of Directors Sends Letter to Stockholders
02/22/18 Former Senior Government Officials and Leading Antitrust Experts from Around the World Describe the “Material Risks” Associated with Broadcom’s Effort to Acquire Qualcomm
02/21/18 Qualcomm Issues Statement On Reduced Broadcom Proposal
02/16/18 Qualcomm Provides Update On Meeting with Broadcom
02/14/18 Qualcomm Issues Statement On Meeting with Broadcom
02/08/18 Qualcomm Board of Directors Unanimously Rejects Revised Broadcom Proposal
02/05/18 Qualcomm Confirms Receipt of Revised Proposal from Broadcom
01/29/18 Qualcomm Releases Video and Sends Informational Brochure to Stockholders
01/23/18 Qualcomm Urges Stockholders to Re-elect Qualcomm’s Highly Qualified Board to Prevent a Broadcom Takeover Which Dramatically Undervalues the Company and Has Substantial Regulatory Risk
01/16/18 Qualcomm Sends Letter to Stockholders and Files Investor Presentation
12/22/17 Qualcomm Board Unanimously Rejects Director Nominees Assembled by Broadcom and Silver Lake Partners
12/04/17 Qualcomm Issues Statement on Broadcom Director Nominees
11/13/17 Qualcomm Board of Directors Unanimously Rejects Broadcom’s Unsolicited Proposal
11/06/17 Qualcomm Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited Proposal from Broadcom

Your vote matters.

Vote FOR all 11 highly experienced & qualified Qualcomm directors on the WHITE proxy card today.

Throw away any Blue proxy cards you receive. Do not vote on the Blue card, not even “withhold”.